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Custom Email For 'Search My Orders' Utility

The "Search My Orders" tool has the ability to send an email to your customers notifying them of the current order status.

If you would like to send message other than the default message, enter it here.

This feature supports the same reserved words listed in HTML For Bottom Of Receipt.

It supports the following reserved words as well:
  • PRINTCOMPANYNAME - Shows Company Name from step 2 of the cart settings.
  • PRINTSTATUS - Shows the current Order Status from "Searcy My Orders".
  • PRINTSHIPMETHOD - Shows the Shipping Method that appears in "Search My Orders".
  • PRINTTRACKING - Shows the Tracking Number you enter in "Search My Orders".
  • PRINTDATE - Shows the Ship Date from "Search My Orders".

Default Message
The status of this order is currently: PRINTSTATUS
The shipping method is: PRINTSHIPMETHOD
The tracking number is: PRINTTRACKING
The ship date is recorded as: PRINTDATE

Thank you for shopping with PRINTCOMPANYNAME
The status of this order is currently: Shipped
The shipping method is: UPS Ground
The tracking number is: 1234567890abc
The ship date is recorded as: 12-31-2008

Thank you for shopping with My Cart Inc.
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