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Order Status

This will allow you to display specific order results. The Order Status can be used to help you keep track of which orders you have shipped. It may also be displayed to the user if you have checked to Send An Order Status Link With The Email Receipt, in step 8, "Advanced Settings".

All successful orders
    Displays all orders that have been processed through the cart. It will not display declined orders.

Find Not "Shipped"
    Display any order that does not have the order status of "Shipped".

Failed Orders
    Display a list of orders that failed to process properly. Common reasons for failures are declined cards, or insufficient funds.

Voided Orders
    Display any orders that you, the merchant, have specifically marked as "VOID".

    Display orders that have an "Unknown" payment status.

Back Order
    Display orders that have a "Back Order" status.

Not Shipped
    Display orders that are set to "Not Shipped".

In Process
    Display orders that are set to "In Process".

Ready For Pickup
    Display orders that are set to "Ready For Pickup".

    Display orders that are set to "Shipped".

Note: It is important to understand that changing the status of an order within the cart does NOT change the status of the order within your gateway.
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