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XXX Products To Be Purchased On Backorder

Occasionally you may run out of stock on certain products. This option will allow the cart to notify your customers that you are currently out of stock, and can give them the option to place the order in the shopping basket on "backorder", or to remove the item.

There are three possible options you can choose:
  1. "Do Not Allow" The customer will not be able to purchase a product that is out of stock. Instead they will get a message telling them that the product is not available. They will NOT be able to continue until they remove the item from their shopping basket.
  2. "Automatically Remove" The customer will not be able to purchase a product that is out of stock. The shopping cart will display a message to the customer and then automatically remove the item from their shopping basket.
  3. "Allow" will alert the customer that the product is out of stock. They will then be given the choice to remove the product or to proceed with the product on backorder.
  4. "Automatically Add" will add the product normally. The customer will see a special message below the product stating that it is currently on back order.
Note: Individual products can be setup to NOT use this feature. Simply enter "backorder" in Field 9: itemexempt (optional).
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