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Secure Product Information Using Inventory Control

This will allow you to validate product information within the shopping cart. It will protect you from malicious customers that may try to place orders with invalid price and other product information.

With this feature enabled, the cart will not accept any products that do not match what is listed in the inventory control database. Any products that have a valid part number but the product information does not match, will be added to the cart using the information in the product database.

If you choose not to enable this feature, please note that any attempts to edit the price of the product WILL show up on your order receipt. Simply reviewing your orders will show any attempts at tampering with a product.

Possible options are:
Disabled: The cart will not verify any information. This will allow all products to be added using only information supplied in the "Add to Cart" button.

Medium: The cart will verify that the data meets the minimum values entered into inventory control. It requires that the price entered by the "Add to Cart" button be at least the amount in inventory control. If you leave a field blank in inventory control, it will allow you to enter any information from your "Add to Cart" buttons.

This option is also compatible with the ability for your customers to enter custom text into your products or to use special product properties such as drop-down menus or radio buttons. This is the recommended option for merchants needing tighter security. If a part number is not found, the product will be added using the "Add to Cart" button information.

Full: The cart will not allow any custom entries from the customer. This will auto-fill all the information exactly as it appears in the inventory database. It also restricts the use of special product property drop-down menus, or radio buttons, etc. If a part number is not found an error will be returned to the customer.
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