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The number of unique features that the LinkPointCart shopping cart contains has become too numerous to limit to one features page. Please click on the links below to learn more about the many features LinkPointCart has to offer. If LinkPointCart does not support or offer a particular feature you desire, please let us know and when possible, we will create your reasonable request.
Unlimited Products and Orders- Regardless of the size of your business, LinkPointCart is the shopping cart for you. You simply build "buttons" using our button builder which you insert into the existing product pages of your website. Virtually unlimited support for height, width, sizes, colors, materials, etc.. Place unlimited items in the cart with a single button

Secure SSL Shopping Cart - LinkPointCart uses its own secure certificate, so there is no need to spend additional funds to acquire your own. Your customers can shop with the knowledge that their transactions are being processed with up to 256bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data protection (The highest allowed by current web browsers)

Setup is easy - No programming required. You simply complete the 8 steps in our Cart Settings and then use our Button Builder section to create the Add to Cart buttons to copy and paste into your existing product pages. LinkPointCart does all the extensive programming so you do not have to. LinkPointCart is hosting platform independent, so if you cannot run CGI's on your server you can still use LinkPointCart. The program does not rely on cookies, Java, Java Scripting, or plug-ins that your customers may or may not have; thus increasing your product compatibility. Use standard "form style" text buttons, your own custom images, or graphics from the extensive LinkPointCart Image Library.

Free Support - LinkPointCart provides support buttons for each step of the shopping cart setup, as well as extensive FAQ's, email and phone support.

Customizable - The shopping cart order form/checkout pages are fully customizable with background image/color, logo, buttons and font/text-color input. For more advanced users, there is even the ability to add your own custom header and footer. LinkPointCart always provides a link back to the last page where your customer was shopping and generates a unique invoice number for each order.

Free Real-Time Shipping - Calculates all shipping, handling and sales tax charges. Including real-time shipping queries for FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

Calculates Sales Tax - Supports tax calculations for single or multiple state rates. Through our advanced tax options, LinkPointCart can support tax calculations for city, county and zip code tax rates as well. Also supports tax-exempt and shipping-exempt items.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing (With both LinkPoint Basic and API Payment Gateways!) - Sign up with either of these gateway services to enable the real-time credit card processing. Integration is easy, simply input your gateway login information into the cart and no additional programming is required.

Custom Languages - The ability to display your shopping cart in any language that is supported by UTF-8 and HTML elements. The shopping cart will automatically display the best language to your shopper based on their browser language settings.

eBay Compatible - The ability to list and complete payment for your eBay auctions. Winning bidders will be presented with an add button via email. Upon successful payment the cart will update the eBay auction status automatically.

PayPal Compatible - The ability to offer payment by PayPal can be offered as the sole checkout method, or in addition to credit card and/or electronic check payments.

Multiple Payment Methods - The shopping cart payment page will display any payment methods that you offer to your customers. Including all the major credit cards, electronic check and even PayPal.

Works great with Front Page and Dreamweaver - LinkPointCart provides easy instructions for adding the shopping cart to your online store designed with these web editing programs as well as many others.

Order Management System - Securely view and update the status of an order. Automated email order confirmations and ability to send emailed status update emails with shipping tracking numbers.

Coupon and Special Offer Discounts - LinkPointCart provides the ability to setup coupons based on dollar or percentage discounts on an individual product or on the item quantity. These coupons can be given out and redeemed by an unlimited number of your customers. There is even the ability to setup item discounts for each individual product, which are automatically applied, based on dollar or percentage discounts and the quantity or dollar value ordered.

Works with any Hosting Platform - LinkPointCart is a web-based product, which makes it hosting platform independent. The cart will work with any hosting provider that enables you to copy and paste simple HTML into the pages of your website. No access is needed to the CGI bin of your hosting company.

Customer Statistics - Customer Login Feature for returning customers, cart page view statistics, cart drop-off rate and sales statistics including tax and shipping totals.

Affiliate Program Support - LinkPointCart supports most affiliate programs such as Commission Junction. The cart provides a location to add the HTML that your affiliate program provides to have the cart carry through the affiliate program information.

CheckOut Summary Display - The shopping cart contents may be displayed when an item is added to the cart. A total of quantities and prices are kept at all times. Customers may increase/decrease the quantity of items in their cart, or remove them altogether with a single button for starting over. Orders can be modified any time prior to final checkout. Choice of ordering and payment methods for you to offer your customers

Supports Multiple Email Order Notification - Order notifications are sent securely to the e-mail address or addresses of your choice.

Error Checking - Includes comprehensive error checking of customer input. Validates that credit card numbers and e-mail addresses are in the proper format.

Emailed Customer receipt - The shopping cart displays a printable receipt automatically when your customer completes a successful order. An emailed copy of the receipt can be automatically sent to them as well.

Additional Upgrade features available, including; QuickBooks integration, inventory control, coupon management, gift certificates and more.
  • QuickBooks .-Provides a download of your order information into QuickBooks IIF file using this utility. This file can be easily imported into QuickBooks to save you time with data entry.
  • Inventory Control - Inventory control can notify you when you are running low on inventory, or to prevent your customers from buying items that are out of stock. There is even the ability to allow items to be ordered on Back Order.
  • Coupon Management .-This feature provides the ability to setup unlimited coupons based on dollar or percentage discounts on an individual product or on the item quantity. These coupons can be given out and redeemed by an unlimited number of your customers.
  • Gift Certificates .-Provides the ability to sell an unlimited number of gift certificates that act as prepaid cash. Sell specific gift certificate amounts or allow the value to be created by your customers.
  • Custom Header and Footer .-Enables more advanced users to create and upload your own custom header and footer to be carried through the shopping cart checkout pages.
  • Electronic Software Download (ESD) .-This feature enables the sell of electronically fulfilled products such as ebooks. Our system creates a unique URL on the customer's receipt to all for the immediate download and fulfillment of the ESD products that they have purchased.
  • Recurring Billing - Recurring billing provides the ability to charge your customer(s) automatically at any given interval.
  • Tax Information .-Some merchants may be required to charge tax based on the customer's county, or city. This feature enables the ability to add individual tax rates based on county or city location.
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