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Allow Full Quantity Modification From The 'View Cart'

Normally, the view cart page will only allow the customer to increment, decrement, or remove a product from the cart. You can change this setting to give the shopper other options on how they are allowed to change the product quantity.

For example, they would be able to adjust the quantity from 1 to 20 simply by replacing the 1 in the text box with 20 and clicking the "Update" button. Without this option they would need to click the increment button 19 times to achieve the same results.

Do Not Allow The 'Update' Button
The customer will be given a "plus" and "minus" button to increase or decrease the quantity by one each click.

The customer will be given a small text box where they can type in the quantity they wish to purchase. Then click on "Update."

Allow (w/ Add + Delete)
The customer will be given both options above to alter their quantities.

No Quantity Modification
No quantity adjustments will be allowed.
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