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Upload A Batch Of Products

This will allow you to upload a comma-separated list of products.

The file is uploaded in the following format (see below for a more complete list):
PartNumber, Description, QuantityInStock, LowQuantityNotify, Price

PartNumber: Is the part number for your product
Description: Is a brief description for your product
QuantityInStock: How many you have currently available in stock
LowQuantityNotify: The quantity that you would like to reach before the shopping cart will send you an email notification that you are running low.
Price: How much to charge the shopper.

View the example below, or download the example here.
"Part1","My first product",10,1,49.95
"Part2","My second product",0,1,3.95
"Part3","My third product",5,1,4.95

Below is a list of all the fields you may upload for a given product:
part,description,quantity,lowquantity,price,handling,ship method,weight,exempt,discount,silent post,drop ship,ESD,recurring

View the example below, or download the full example here.
N101,Some Product,50,10,5.00,1.00,prompt,5,tax,5%,,84118:UT:US,,Monthly=-1
N102,Another Product,50,10,5.00,1.00,prompt,5,tax,5%,,84118:UT:US,,Monthly=-1
N103,Yet Another Product,50,10,5.00,1.00,prompt,5,tax,5%,,84118:UT:US,,Monthly=-1

NOTE: If a product already exists in the inventory system, the information will be replaced by what is in the batch upload.