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Order Notification to Multiple Email Addresses

Send emails to multiple addresses with LinkPointCart's online shopping carts.

This feature is great for small medium or large businesses. You can add any number of email notifications to our online shopping carts. An email notification can be sent to your shipping department, accounting department or to any place that matters in how your business is organized. This can be a considerable time-saving device because you will not have to contact other departments to notify them of an order. This will save you time. More important is that the order can be sent directly to your shipping and handling department with all the details necessary for them to prepare an order.

This makes your online business more efficient. Your customers are will get there orders sooner and they will get exactly what they ordered by eliminating the necessity of a communication bridge between whoever gets the order, ships the order and does the accounting. Our online shopping carts facilitate order processing by allowing you to set up multiple email recipients who act as first responders to your customers purchases.