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Electronic Checks

LinkPointCart lets your customers use electronic checks on our online shopping carts.

An electronic check covers payments made through someone's checking account to your shopping cart. The benefit of this is simple: people who do not have or do not wish to use their credit cards are able to use their checking accounts to make payments through our shopping cart software. The benefit of this is that people who don't have a credit card or who are max-ed out on their credit cards can still buy products or services from your web site. You customer base is thus expanded by including people who make purchases by electronic checks and you receive their payment as if it were a credit card transaction.

The customer will need to have a check number, routing number (which is on the bottom of their checks) and of course their account number. These transactions are the same as if they were wrote you a check. The difference is that by using our shopping cart software, you get paid right away. No more "checks in the mail"