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Successful Online Shopping Carts Make the Check Out Process Easy

Successful online shopping carts focus on one thing, getting their customers to the check out 'counter'. This is equivalent to 'closing the deal'. The analogy between web transacted business and the 'brick-and-mortar' world is important because the same dynamics apply. On every page, there should always be the option in the form of a button or text link for your online customers to check out and make their purchase. In fact you should have a full compliment of options as either buttons or text links, available to you customers.

It is surprising how many commercial web sites forget about this important dynamic. The designers of these web sites either make the check out process confusing or they are tempted to try to sell more product than the customer wants. These are bad practices because they delay the sale and customers rarely buy products that are suggested by a vendor. They usually have one thing in mind, to get what they came for.

Making the check out process clear and direct is a hallmark of successful online shopping carts. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can check out quickly and without a barrage of pop-ups that try to sell them more than they wanted.

Building Successful Online Shopping Carts
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