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Are the minimum & maximum settings necessary if I use a PRICE or WEIGHT table?

The minimum and maximum values are not required for any ship method.

The minimum shipping is used when you want to set a minimum shipping charge regardless of what the shipping method says to charge.

For example, if your price table was set to charge $5.00 for any item between the Price of $10-$25.00 and the person order was $20.00 the shipping charge would be $5.00. If you set the minimum shipping charge to $3.00 it would not affect this transaction.
However if you have the minimum shipping set to $20.00 then it would over-ride the price table and charge $20.00 for shipping instead of the $5.00 set up in the price table.

The maximum shipping works the same way except it is the limit for how high the shipping charge could be.
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