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Note: The cart encountered an unknown error while processing this order through your payment gateway. Please verify that funds have been processed. If they have not been processed then you will need to process them yourself.

If you are receiving this error on all of the orders processed through your web site, your payment gateway may not be configured, or your gateway may be temporarily unavailable.

Please login the the Cart Administration tool, go to "Cart Settings" and "Payment/Gateway Settings" and verify that all your merchant account and payment gateway settings are correct.

Normally, this is a single/rare occurrence. Most likely, the cart simply could not connect to the gateway at the time your customer placed the order. This can happen for many reasons, but is normally caused because maintenance is being done to your gateway's systems.

Follow the instructions below to manually verify the order's funds:
  • Login to your payment gateway and search to see if this order was processed.
    (If you need instructions on how to search, please contact the support staff for your particular gateway.)
  • If the payment was not processed automatically, you will need to manually process it in your payment system by entering the order information yourself.
    (Again, please contact the gateway support staff for assistance on how to manually process a transaction.)
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