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Field 13: itemESD (optional)

This variable allows the merchant to create products that are shipped electronically. Instead of shipping a package to the customer, the customer will be able to download your file(s) immediately upon purchase.

Valid values can be:
  • yourfile.exe - the file name in our ESD system. Uploaded files are only available to the customer that purchased them.
  • - URL of the file your customer will be allowed to download upon purchase. URLs entered in this manner are not protected, it is the merchants responsibility to ensure that the download is allowed only to paying customers.
  • yourfile1.exe yourfile2.exe - Simply separate multiple files/URLs by a space.
If you are using a file name then the file must be uploaded to your cart admin area (see Upload ESD File).

An email address may be sent (eg FILENAME=EMAIL) to the cart, this will cause the cart to not allow the purchaser to download the product. But, rather it will send an email to the specified address with a link to download. You can use this to allow your customers to send an ESD file as a gift to another person.

Note: ESD files uploaded to us are only available for download for 3 days after the first attempt to download the file. After this time, the customer will need to contact the place of purchase for any assistance in getting the file.

Note: Use the email system with care. Many mail servers will refuse delivery if the file is to large. For example, many will reject files larger then one megabyte.
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